Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cheap plastic bases for all

Hi guys, this is quick post to share an interesting kickstarter. Micro Art Studio is a small Polish company that does very nice resin bases, like the ones I use on my Eldar army. They have partnered with CMON (who to be fair don't have a great reputation in Kickstarters) but the deal is, with the current stretch goals, you can get 34 very nice bases for just $22 + postage.

There are 4 themes - Chaos/rocks and fire, Eldar/mystic stuff, Wood and Steampunk/trash. I've been using the regular resin Mystic bases and I have to say I'm delighted with them - see below pictures. With cheap, matching plastic bases I can afford to base even the regular Guardians, and I'll have a few spares for the Wraithguard I have yet to build.

Now these are plastic bases not resin, which I very much prefer as there is no risk when sanding, and if you are adding plastic minis you don't even have to bother pinning them!

These bases are really attachments that fit onto round lip empty bases, so should work in the beveled bases used in 40K. Like this:

Here's a link to the kickstarter:

Until the next time!
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