Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Death From The Skies: Is the Storm Talon viable now?

Death From The Skies is here and we are starting to learn the new rules. Even stuff released recently has some sort of change, and that includes the nifty Storm Talon. Is it enough to bring new life to the smallest of the Space Marine Flyers? well for starters it is the same AV11 with 2 hull points paper plane, not exactly a flying fortress. But hey, now it's cheaper, still brings good dakka and we know Flyers are pain to deal with by many armies. Let's have a look.
The first thing to notice is that now the Storm Talon costs 110 points, which seems more reasonable than the previous 130. It carries a  a twin-linked assault cannon, a fine gun which is both reliable and versatile. Interestingly it is underslung so it can shoot targets behind the 'Talon, just mind 24" is not a lot. The secondary weapon is a twin-linked heavy bolter, and while it adds more weight of fire, is really meh against most things in the game. Luckily GW has also lowered the cost of what is probably the most versatile weapon in the hangar deck, the skyhammer missile launcher. 15 points for 3 S7 shots is a good deal, and leaves our chibbyhawk at 125 points. That sounds like a deal. It is not auto-include by any means, but it's not a bad addition. It will provide some AA (at least, if it gets to play after the opponent's) and if not, it can pound ground infantry and light mech targets alike. Just make sure you deal with its nemesis (Quad-guns) before the Talon gets to play, or it will not get far.

The other two options (TL lascannon and TML) are too expensive for what they do. The lascannon could still find its place in a meta full of AV12 flyers but the TML is awfully expensive for what it does.

Consider the alternatives. Space Marines do not get access to flakk missiles or AA weaponry of any kind in their ground forces, thus relying in twin-linked which is still an ineffective way to deal with Flyers. So allies and fortifications aside, it boils down to the Storm Raven or Talon. The Storm Raven is obvioulsy better, if a tad more expensive, and can still transport the cheap SM hammenators or an ironclad. 

What else there is to it? the escort option isn't very enticing to say the least, and strafing run is cute but you already have BS4 and a twin-linked gun. Now that the Storm Raven is available to most Space Marine chapters (sorry 'bout that, Wolves), it has the size to potentially block LOS to the Talon but that is already an expensive proposition. It has been clarified now that it can hover, but keep in mind this will likely end with the Talon hitting the ground or exploding in the air.


The changes to the Storm Talon costs make it an interesting option now to help fill the AA needs of Space Marines, especially now the Helldrakes, Vendettas and Scythes are wreaking havoc. And are versatile enough to deal with other targets should you come across armies without Flyers. It is still a glass cannon and will not survive many dogfights, but it can win your troops a couple of turns of safely sitting on objectives.


  1. I think of it this way:

    Aegis Defense Line: 50 points
    Quadgun: 50 points
    Unit manning the gun: Likely a 16 or 26 point infantry guy, more if you want to use something with BS 5

    You get a static 4 twin linked S7 skyfire shots. You do get interceptor, which is awesome, but not game changing on its own.

    Skyhammer pattern Storm Talon: 125 points

    Gets you 3 S7 shots and 4 S6 shots with rending, all twin linked. No interceptor though.

    There is a case for taking both, I suppose, but I'd rather have the plane flying around shooting, since it allows you more flexibility and is harder to hide from than a fixed you dont risk someone stealing your gun on their turn!

    1. Whoops only the autocannon shots are t/l, i typed too fast

    2. Yea absolutely, there's a case for taking both, where before probably the Aegis w/quad was the way to go. I guess it depends on the army around it (i.e. Devs and IG platoons love the ADL!)

      As it is now I think the Storm Talon is useable, but will be difficult to kept it flying with AV11/HP2


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