Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Eldar Fire Dragons Showcase

Howdy! today I bring some classic Fire Dragons for my new Eldar army. I really like these models, I think they epitomize most of what is Eldar - slender and graceful yet with a sense of power, and they look utterly alien which I like as well.

This is the Fire Dragon Exarch. I opted for the fusion gun because that's what I will be using in games, and also because the hobbyist in me didn't want the firepike to cover all the details in the body :)

The Wave Serpent in the back is their assigned transport. Same as the Dragons it is still missing the gems... so many of those! I will show it some other day, for now I will just anticipate I wanted do something different and show Eldar are the Children of the Stars so I painted a nebulae and stars all over it ^^ yes I might have jumped the shark on this one.

Some notes on the painting

The models were painted with airbrush, using a similar method to my Blood Angels:

  • Basecoat with Vallejo's Red Brown primer.
  • I then created some pre-lights by lightly airbrushing a soft grey from a zenital angle. This makes the next red coat to have some color modulation. It's a very simple and effective technique.
  • For the body I applied some tones of red, Italian Red from  Vallejo comes to mind, to which I added a small part of yellow to get a more orange tone.
  • The helmet was painted Yellow obviously.

Then it is a matter of adding the shadows with controlled strokes of either a very dilluted dark red paint, or a less dilluted wash. The lights were added with watered down light oranges, yellows and white. The Citadel Edge paints are great for this work (in general).

The guns were painted light grey and then washed with brown, then cleared it a little bit. The weapons link visually the Fire Dragons with the rest of Eldars (Guarians and Avengers mainly) due to the bone color of their weapons. Notice how the muzzle of the weapons has a scorched look, this can be achieved with purple and red glazes.

The bases are the awesome Urban Streets rubble from Secret Weapon Miniatures. The rest of Eldar models use a different base though. I went for this choice to fit with the Exarch model that is stepping on some tank residues.

Here's some more pictures, hope you like them! Feel free to post any comments or feedback.

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