Friday, June 13, 2014

Eldar Fire Prism showcase

Greetings! After sitting for a while packed in a box (I moved home) I finally managed to complete this Ulthwé Fire Prism. Oh boy this is a beautiful kit! It has all the elegant, alien lines of the Eldar and adds an incredible turret. If that isn't a big gun, I don't know what it is! Of course game-wise Prisms are still a good option; with 3 fire modes and a 60" range there is always something the Prism can deal with. 

The turret and weapon options are fully magnetised so I can convert it to a Night Spinner or a Wave Serpent with the help of a FW turret. Unfortunately, the Night Spinner parts are still lost in some of the (many) boxes that had to be unpacked yet. Oh well.

I'm pretty pleased with the color scheme, the lightning blue parts mesh well with the Eldar aesthetic and give a pulsing sense of energy. You might notice the gems are not yet painted - I will just batch-paint them all in the future, when that dreaded day comes. For now I just basecoated where I wanted the gems to be.

The back of the Prism replaces the normal Serpent door for what seem batteries or generators, and fit very well with the overall energy theme.

The gunner cockpit - all the pilots in my Eldar army are painted in this blue/greenish scheme, like they're lit by displays.

The bottom of the turret has more lightning, and you can see in the main body the different sources. I wanted it to be throbbing with energy, but not so much to make it look blue. I think I got a good balance here with the gunship still being black for the most part.

The turret without the guns - you can see where the magnets are, with the paint scrapping due to the usage. Magnetizing this kit is not only good in terms of game options, but it is a must if you plan to move it around and keep it in one piece.

It only has one Ulthwé mark on this side of the hull; I might add a Prism symbol on the other side, and that's about it. This model is so elegant that doesn't deserve to be covered in decals!

And this is where the magnets are placed. The GW designers didn't make it as easy as it could have been, but it is doable nonetheless and very recommendable. Just keep in min the Prism itself is rather long and you will need a larger magnet for this one; I think this one has a 8mm diameter.

And that's it. Hope you liked it!


  1. I like the scheme. Nice work on the magnetizing and details. The glow effect is subtle and not over the top and goes well with the color choices!

    1. Hey thanks! it was a pleasure to paint. The magnetization not as much but is worth the pain.


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