Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A new saga begins

Welcome to my blog! I intend this blog to be my contribution to the great -both in size and quality- 40k community and a log of my projects, games and musings about that far, grim dark universe we all know and love.

Some background on me... I've been interested by the hobby side of the game for about 15 years, and only recently I've discovered my lust for the game, the strategy, the social side of it and getting better as a player. My very first miniatures were a metal Cadian squad that I still keep and I have to say, don't look that bad! currently I own some 3k points of Space Wolves and I'm collecting some Blood Angels to go the jumper way. So a painter trying to become a player! I've been doing some progress of lately, although I'm still clearly better with the brush than the dices. Just give me some time!

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