Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Storm Raven WIP 1

Greetings! one of the various projects I have in my desk is a second Storm Raven for my Blood Angels army. I was able to order it from Wayland before the price increase so it is a reasonable investment. Should I have ordered 2? well let's begin with 2 'Ravens lists, and then move on.

Painting the crew compartment.

How 12 Space Marines are going to cram in that area is beyond my comprehension :) and there are only  8 seats by the way. Anywho I decided I wanted to paint the inside of the 'Raven as well, even though it is going to have very little visibility. Guess it's all about taking the most out of each kit. It also makes sense though to just glue all the doors in place and forget about the inside, especially if you favor playing rathing the hobby side of it. I favour both  :)

That said, diven that I won't be peering much inside of it, I also didn't want to spend too much time in this area. Hmm so something nice and quick? airbrush and washes! I started by basecoating the inside in white using the Vallejo white primer with an airbrush. The reason for not priming black is that I wanted the inside to look clear, just like the 20th century tanks which look almost white in the inside, to be more visible when in combat mode the lights are turned out. I guess a Space Marine would not have a problem there though!

After that I applied a layer with a light grey color using the airbrush as well. It was one of the model air paints which are really handy - no need to use a thinner, just pour to the airbrush and paint. 

Next was painting the cables, seats and brass decoration in the inside, followed by a filter with devlan mud. This gave the plates a very nice worn out look, plus some shadows and depth. If this was going to be in the outside, I would have continued to work and clean it a bit, but for the inside will suffice.

Once everything was dried I glued the panels into place and locked them with some tools to ensure they fit well. The only additional work I did was on the front ramp hinge, which is too thick to allow for movement. I used a drill to enlarge it slightly so the ramp can actually swing. 

Questions / feedback, feel free to comment away!

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