Thursday, August 2, 2012

Death Company Showcase

Greetings! This is my finished Death Company, comprised of Lemartes, DC Dread and 10 maniacs in black power armour. These badasses have 5 S5 attacks on the charge with re-rolls to hit and to wound. Good luck surviving that. They also have FNP for added survivability against power weapons and plasma shots, and relentless in case you want to double tap things to death.

From a hobby perspective, it's refreshing to paint units that look different to the rest of the army.  Considering the fluff and their damage output, I decided it was only fitting that they would stood in some Bone field bases from Secret Weapon Miniature. I refrained from adding blood though, there's already a lot of bones!

As I do with most of the units that have different wargear options, I throughoutly magnetized their arms and backpacks / jump packs. It doesn't take a lot of time and it's very handy when you want to try new things out. Hmm should I lose 1 attack in CC and instead doubletap with bolters? easy peasy. Or add some plasma guns to deal with those pesky terminators? there you go. I have to admit though the fact that the magnets allow me to change the poses and look is also important. Blame it to all those G.I.joes I used to play with in the late 80s. But I digress. These guys have been great fun to paint and I'm looking forward to bring them to tourneys *sardonic smile*.
Keep your Techmarine happy and enjoy the wargear
The DC Dread is just a great kit, allowing you to create a Furioso, Librarian and DC Dread. Note that with some magnets you can actually interchange the front plates and thus have access to the 3 of them. I'm only showing you here a normal DC Dread but I also builded the frag cannon, force weapon arm and the other 2 plates. In gaming terms, well it's still a combat beast and will do mincemeat of most troops out there. Just keep him away from the usual anathemas: haywire grenades, mass TH, melta hunters, etcetera.

As for the painting, I'll be doing a complete tutorial sometime soon. Suffice to say painting black armour can be a royal pain in the arse (see this great article @ From The Warp), and that the secret is actually in drawing the attention from the armour - things like gems, faces, weapons, parchments... can help here. Stay tuned to a tutorial and enjoy the pictures!

Lemmy, care to place your jump pack straight? *sighs* magnets

Some OSL in that power fist

Top tip: Some glossy varnish on the gems will give them volume and shine. 

Notice the weathering powders in the legs, scorching in the armour and OSL talons.


  1. Those guys look great! Nice work on all the extra details.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Thanks Ron. Your articles were a good inspiration for painting black.


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