Friday, March 8, 2013

Behold the mighty titan! Dan Abnett is back for good

In the early 2000's the Black Library released a series of graphic novels about the 40k fans wetest dream. Yup even more than the beloved Sisters of Battle, the Space Wolves flyer or the Genestealer cults: Titans! Well rejoice as the Black Library has compiled them all in a titanic *chuckles* 300 page book. Titan tells the story of a recently promoted Warlord Princeps, his struggles to man the mighty Imperius Dictation and his fight against the very worst nightmares the galaxy has to offer.

For someone who grew in the 80s the graphic style is alike to the comics I use to read back then, B/W inked with a less realistic, grim  look than we're used to. Where Lone Wolves had an incredible art at the cost of not many pages, this is far longer collection but obviously with a simpler art, yet very nice if you ask me. The titan looks absolutely badass! And with all the furious dialogues you can expect from the High Imperial Master Dan Abnett.

By the way, sorry for the slow post rate. Sometimes work / life dares to mess with the hobby life! I'm finishing some Deathwing Knights and Command Squad, I'll be posting pictures very soon.

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