Thursday, March 14, 2013

Deathwing WIP

Moar Deathwing! The Command Squad, Knights and DV terminators are almost finished. Well the Dark Vengeance ones were completed but I went back to them to apply something I did for the other squads - the turquoise contrasts! as you can see I've applied it to the powerfists, but also to the lights beneath the arms and very lightly onto the eyes. I'm quite pleased with the effect as it helps to break the brown/bone tones; I also like how the powerfist looks energized without the usual ethereal glowing. 

By the way, I built the command squad with a combination of spare pieces from the DW kit and the vanilla assault terminators, which is not only cheaper but gets you all the hammers you need :) Without further ado let's have a look:

The apothecary - notice all the arms are magnetized, same as with the terminators torsos. I did the bases for the Command Squad with cork, balsa wood and a few spare pieces. Not ideal but at least have a base now.

The DW champion has a half energized weapon. I need to find some time to finish the airbrushing work here.

A hopefully subtle OSL on the plasma cannon - again trying to move away from a shiny look.

My favourite of the Dark Vengeance set with a now charged power fist. Try hitting that ferrocrete wall again :)

The DW Knights - these will be sitting on some Secret Weapon bases very soon. I have kept them more clean than the other DW as they look busy enough.

Stay tuned for the final version! feel free to leave comment with your opinion.

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