Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hobby for fun not profit

My Knights would love some bits love
 - spare hammers anyone?
Many years ago when the internet was young, people used it to contact others with similar interests and share things. I remember exchanging Pearl Jam concert recordings through the post with people I contacted in a fan page. In the wargames world today, well there are many bits traders, there are retailers, there are illegal things (which I do not endorse in any way), and there are a few people who still approach the hobby from a non-profit perspective.

I just received today a bunch of IG bits I bought off eBay. A ton of stuff that is going to look great for the Gaunt’s Ghosts I’m building using some Victoria miniatures. I got a ton of heads, pouches, arms, special weapons and accessories for a mere 2.5€. Nowadays with so many vendors charging that, plus shipping on top, for just one sergeant head or a shoulder pad, it’s an encouraging thought that there’s still a lot of people who like to share and help other fellow gamers. We all have a ton of bits at home that we will never use. What if we all shared what we have with other folks? Not to make money, not to get rid of them, just for the pleasure of helping someone else. I for one I’m excited of all the conversions I will be making with these bits.

So please think about the bits or miniatures you own and will never use, and consider sharing them to make someone happy. Imagine if this was to become mainstream and I could buy some old miniatures for a euro a piece, and sell mine for the same. There are some things in my closet that will never see the light of day (I’m afraid I’m pointing at you, Jokaero, and you, Slaanesh chariot, and you, metallic Cadian autocannon team and you…). Likewise I’d love to get my hands on some classic IG and SW minis, plus I could use many biker bits.

P.S.: ain’t it great a 31 year old feels this way with a bunch of plastic soldiers J ?

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