Friday, May 17, 2013

The Gaunt's Ghosts project - first squad on the way!

As discussed in the previous entry I want to create a small detachment of Gaunt's Ghosts for my own pleasure, and of course to field in some games. So I ordered a squad of Border World Rangers from Victoria Miniatures and I have to say I'm very pleased with them - the sculpts are superb, full of details and being components not full miniatures opens the door to the level of customization that I'm after. The only downside is they are made of pewter but again, as they come in pieces it is easy to replace arms or legs and have them look as you want them. The kit comes complete with pouches, knives, water tins and of course cloaks!

So here's a little taste - so far I have a squad almost completed and I just need to finish some details, paint the bases and pin the minis. The troopers are generic so far with no special characters yet, but Milo is already assembled and I will be creating a few officers soon.  Kolea, Rawne and Mkoll will be amongst the first, and others like Domor will follow if I can recreate them properly. Of course there will be a Try Again Bragg in the shape of Harker, Larkin as one of the snipers and some notable troopers like Caffran or Merrt. I'm also toying with the idea of creating a Mkvenner to play Marbo but still unsure of how I want him to look (with black fatigues, green cloak and a wood stick he is going to look like Donatello lol). Gaunt will come in the shape of a standard comissar with a cloak. I prefer those from Forge World but the masked heads obviously don't work. Anyway here's what I have so far:

Cloaks, berets, tattoos and stright silver to make Cadians look like boys
The first flamer, unfinished yet. Brostin will follow
A WIP sniper - not as dark as the image suggests

Notice a piper with a boy face to the right

He's getting a blue tatto soon, sure as sure

Urban rubble bases from SWM - I'll be adding razorwire and empty ronds to some

 Hope you like them. More updates to follow soon!


  1. Absolutely Brilliant Albert, cant wait to see more

    1. Thanks mate! Hopefully I'll get these done in a week or two

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :) I'll hopefully do it as soon as life allows for some hobby time.


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