Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dark Angels Nephilim Jetfighter Showcase

After sitting in my table for some months now, the Nephilim jetfighter is finally finished. And boy, it is a great model! it looks very Space Marine with its boxy shape and gothic finishes, but also very Dark Angels. Personally I prefer this model over the Storm Talon any day, it looks more "realistic" and menacing.

Paint-wise, the key to painting black is, well, no to paint black. I know it sounds strange but think about when you've just primed black a model, there is no definition or shapes, and it is indeed very difficult to make out the shapes and details. This is why most areas are painted dark-grey, leaving the black for the final shadows or deepest recesses. This can be seen for example in the nose, than is one of the light points.

The second secret would be the edge highlighting. This model uses 4 different tones, from dark grey to almost white. The idea is that the highlights should be consistent with the color around it. In the case of the nose again, notice how the edges that receive the light have an almost white highlight, while as the line goes down to the heavy bolters it gets darker as the panel is also obscured. Does this make sense?

The reason it's missing the side antennas is just I haven't painted those yet - the model is completely magnetized so I can swap it to a Dark Talon, should I want to play a veeeery casual game.

The brown dirt in the wings is the effect of the oil pants. Alternatively spraying burnt umber is a good way to achieve a similar effect.
 The base... well as much as I love resin bases, especially like those from Secret Weapon Miniatures, the reality is that I didn't want to spend more money in this one so I just created the base with some bits and sand from the park.

The pilot is painted turquoise in an effort to replicate the light from his console. A black pilot in a black ship would be very difficult to spot.

Hope you like it! let me know what you guys think


  1. Very, very well done!
    Personally, I am thinking about getting a Nephilim as well for my Guardians of the Covenant, it would fit well alongside my Storm Eagle. Thing is, I prefer the looks of the Dark Talon, but the armament of the Nephilim is beter and more appealing. Though, now I think of it, the more streamlined looks of the Nephilim are awesome as well, but the Gothic/Cathedral motiff fits my army better. What am I to do...

    Great model, by the way. ;)

  2. Glad you like it! A Nephilim and a Storm Eagle would make a fearsome air force

    The Dark Talon and Nephilim components are easily swapable with the help of a fewmagnets, I just haven't painted the Dark Talon components yet.


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