Friday, January 4, 2013

Accepting comissions again!

Well it's been a while but I finally managed to get enough time to accept comissions again. See below some examples of my work. I consider myself to paint high standard table top level, and I've been lucky enough to win best painted army at several tournemants. I can paint in a clean style (like the scouts or DA tacticals) or add weathering and chipping like the DW and DC dread) and use both brush/airbrush.

Anyway let the images do the talking! If you are interested send me an email to "ledzep[mynamehere] at hotmail dot com" or post a comment below.

Deathwing (Airbrush, magnetized arms)

Dark Angels Tacticals (airbrush)

Blood Angels Scouts, brush

Thunderwolf cavalry (brush, magnetized torsos and arms, custom snow base)

Death Company Dread (brush/airbrush, pigments, magnetized to use all options included in the box. Torso swivels around legs!)

 Space Hulk Terminators (conversions, airbrush)

Space Wolf Scout (brush, conversions, snow bases)


  1. Hopefully you get a client sooner than later, Albert.

    1. Hopefully yeah :)
      Be it for me or for someone else I'll keep on painting


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