Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Deathwing Terminators Showcase

Now that the internet is going crazy with the new DA Knights is a good time to present the DW termies from Dark Vengeance. You might notice the slightly different postures as I magnetized all the weapons. By the way if the Assault Cannon is now only 20 points I will field it quite often. Not only is pretty good, but looks badass!

The Energy Sword of the Sergeant is painted in the well-known Les Burstley way (check out his awesome video here). After a few unsuccesful attempts this is the first time I actually manage to achieve a satisfying finish. The small white lines is something I've seen Arsies do on his magnificient Grey Knights tutorial. Alas, the airbrush learning curve is a steep one.

The bases come from Secret Weapon miniatures. I just added some the razorwire in the base and might add some more chaos helmets / bits if GW releases a new set that resembles the DV Chaos chosen

So what do you think? Comments / suggestions are welcome!


  1. they look awesome. can i ask what colours you painted them(sorry if it was posted somewhere, i cant find it)?

    1. Sure NP. I wanted to write a tutorial so I can just start here :)

      The miniatures were primed black with Vallejo's Black primer, then the base color was applied in 2 or 3 thin layers
      (Vallejo Model Color Stone Grey). This was followed by a black wash from Secret Weapon Miniatures and then I painted again the flat areas with Stone Grey, leaving the black in the recesses. This is pretty much the same process, albeit with different colors, to what's explained in the White Dwarf.

      At this stage the result was pretty meh, with no color graduation. What makes the bone color work is to apply a dark brown in the shadows and blend it towards the bone color. For this I used Vallejo's Air model Burnt Umber, sprayed from the bottom of the mini (like a zenithal approach but from the feet), plus some direct shadows in certain areas.

      After this I applied some heavy weathering with a spounge, using Charadon Granite and Mythril Silver. Let me know if you try it and how it goes!


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