Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dark Angels Tactical Squad Showcase

New year, new post! Here is the Tactical Squad from DV in all of it's plasma splendour, right on time for the new codex! With this squad I tried a different approach to painting power armour that I had taken with my Space Wolves and Blood Angels, and I'm pretty pleased in how they turned out. Can't wait to put them in the field!

And some close-ups. First the the plasma gunners. I'm pretty pleased with the soft OSL glowing, especially on the guy on the right. He's got a bigger gun so I supposed the effect should be more evident, as opposed to the guy to the left that has a subtle glow in his chest eagle and helmet.

And a legionary in Corvus armour. The application of light in some areas has diminished the overall darkness of the model but the results are worth it. The bases turned out really dark and make a good contrast.

Let me know what do you guys think. Would you make any changes for the upcoming squads?


  1. I really like this style. It really gives the "grim darkness" feeling that a lot of Dark Angels don't have. Did you do this with an airbrush? Would you mind maybe giving a rundown of what you did? I may want to do something like this for my new Space Wolves.
    And as for changes, I really like the overall look, but the plasma doesn't really look like it would be able to give off a glow. Maybe increase the highlighting a bit on the coils. But I wouldn't change the OSL.

    1. Oh, and one more thing that I just noticed. On a few of them, the kneepad is the brightest part of the armour, but I would think the helmet, or other parts on top of the model would be the brightest.

    2. Glad you like it! it's kind of hard to keep it grim dark while adding light points so I'm pretty pleased here.

      Yup the armour is all done with airbrush. Top of mind, was primed black and then layered with several mixes of Caliban Green an Skarnish Green. Then some specific light points were added by adding more white in that mix. Here's a great tutorial to this paint style: http://arsiesweb.com/2012/09/ultramarines-sternguard-step-by-step.html

      For SW I guess I'd need to test it in a model first, my Space Wolves are all painted with brush. I would perhaps begin with a dark grey and add shades of lighter grey, then add a few spare light points. I actually ordered a SW battleforce before Holiday so I'll be posting the updates in the blog soon.

  2. Albert, can you pop me an email at unforgivenstudios@gmail.com

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  3. Albert, I envy your business proposition. Wish you extreme success with that opportunity.


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