Friday, January 18, 2013

The Lion's blob

One of they key axioms to understand 6th Ed is that anything is better when allied to Imperial Guard. This is because IG has all that the primary army might need, and at a very reasonable cost. 130 points Vendettas (and in squadrons of 3!), manticores and especially, lots of cheap scoring bodies.

Now consider the new Dark Angels codex. Azrael makes both Death and Ravenwing scoring, and provides the unit he is with a 4++ and fearless.

So for a bit more than the cost of Deathwing Squad, DA can instead ally to IG and have Azrael lead an IG blob. S That's 50 fearless bodies with a 4++, a few power axes and melta bombs, quite a nasty propositon. It is very difficult to deal with such a deathstar while it's surrounded by his Death and Ravenwing squads, that not only have a serious offensive potential but are also scoring.


  1. If im not mistaken the 4++ only works on dark angek units

  2. In my codex says the 4++ applies to the unit he's with, but I'll be glad if it only applies to DA units

  3. I will say that Vendettas are best taken one per FOC, more than 3 lascannons shooting at one target is a bit of overkill, and at what cost, plus having to deal with the movement mechanic spread across 2 models, it makes using troop blobs to force you off the board much easier.


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