Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eldar Wraith Guard preview

Here's a little preview of the Wraith Guard and Spiritseer I recently finished. I treated myself to the Eldar Ghost Warriors Box so I still have a lot to finish. The first squad uses D-Scytes, yes the lovely AP2 flamers of doom. I plan on building another squad with Wraithcannons, and the third one probably with axe/shield. 

As for the first squad, it is painted like the rest of my growing Ulthwé Eldar army in black with heavy blue accents. Because the miniatures are all black and bone, the blue accent is what really makes them pop. In my mind, the blue represents glowing energy, a physical representation of their power that can barely be contained in the carcasses that the wraithbone really is, and so I use it in every area that is not a flat piece.

I'm only showing half of the squad because I'm waiting for my FGLS to re-stock on the bases, but I have the 5 WraithGuard fully painted to this standard.

If anything I might add some decals but think they will probably be better without. What do you guys think?


  1. I think if you just put some decals on, it will look off. You've got a lot of nice blending going on here. Now if you added some decals, and weathered them/blended them to look like part of your scheme, that might work pretty well. Maybe do a side test on a non squad model, see what you can come up with and how it looks!

    1. Hi Greg agreed that's the key - can the decals/freehand be integrated onto what's already built? I'm not sure I can so I'll leave them for the time being.

      However I still have 10 more of those guys so I may come back to this squad when I tackle the others.

  2. The paint scheme is amazing. Have you painted it by pencil or with an airbrush? If the former, what colours did you use?

  3. Thanks! The main colors are painted with airbrush, then I used a brush for the shadows and edge highlighting.

    Top of mind the colors are as follow (all Vallejo Model Air except noted otherwise):
    -Black primer
    -Pre-highlighted some of the larger areas with a light touch of light grey. This is so the next coat of dark grey has a natural graduation.

    -Base color: Dark sea grey
    -Shadows: Black
    -Lights 1: Dark sea grey + Light grey
    -Lights 2: Light grey

    Helmet and white areas:
    -Base color: Light grey
    -Shadows: Scorched brown
    -Light: Light grey

    "Energy" effects:
    -Base color: Light sea blue
    -Lights 1: Light grey
    -Lights 2: White

    With brush:
    -Run a dilluted black through the recesses.
    -Edge highlighting with a Citadel blue horror
    -Edge highlighting with Wych Pallid Flesh

    Hope this helps!


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