Thursday, July 17, 2014

Space Wolves statlines, rules and points cost from Stormclaw

Folks are starting to receive the StormClaw boxes and so we finally get to know the SW statlines and rules. There's a general points decrease across the board, inline with the previous SM and DA releases, and a very bad change (hint: Grey Hunters). Let's have a look:

From Manuales:

Krom Dragongaze 135p

Power armour, Bolt pistol, Frag and Krak Grenades, Belt of Russ (4++) and his axe Wyrnclaw (master crafted power awxe, +2S FP2). Comes with ATSKNF, Acute Senses, Counter-attack, Furious charge and Stubborn. He's of course an IC.
His Warlord trait makes him declare/accept challenges, with To hit re-rolls.

All of this for 135 points! in the old 5th Ed Codex, it would have been something like Wolf Lord (100 pts), Belt of Russ (25) and Frost Axe (25). This makes 150 points and doesn't account for Stubborn neither the fact that his axe doesn't seem to be unwieldly anymore. Alas Krom cannot take a Thunderwolf nor a bike which is where you usually see Wolf Lords. I might yet paint some Wolf Guard stripes in my Krom and actually get to use the mini.

5x Wolf Guard in TDA 230 p

TDA, 1x hammenator, 1x SB/CF, 1x SB/PF, 1x HF / PF, and the pack leader Beoric with SB and a glaive (+1S FP3).  As usual come with Acute Senses, ATSNF and Couter-attack.

Rules wise they keep the same. Hopefully the new codex will still allow them to be attached to other packs, which was an important difference vs. other Space Marine codexes.

If I'm not mistaken, with the old codex this would have amounted to 245 points so there is a little point decrease here. Still sounds expensive for their load-out (they don't even carry combi bolters!).

5x Grey Hunters 125p

Power armour, bolt pistol, boltgun, krak and frag grenades. They don't seem to keep the CCW, which would mean they lose 1A in CC!
The pack leader (Hengist) has a power axe. Plus 1x GH with plasma pistol and chainsword, 1x with a plasma gun. Rules wise get the standard Acute Senses, ATSNF and Couter-attack.

This configuration would have amounted to 130 points, so looks like Grey Hunters might be getting 1 point discount by losing their CCW. A terrible trade-off if you ask me, GH were so good because they were equally capable shooting or in CC.

5x Blood Claws 110p

Power armour, bolt pistol, CCW, krak and frag grenades. 
The pack leader, Egil Redfist, has a PF. Another Blood Claw replaces his bolt pistol for a plasma pistol. Acute Senses, ATSNF, Couter-attack and Rage, so Blood Claws get a generic rule now.

In the old codex this would have costed 130 points, so that's 20 points less. This doesn't make Blood Claws any better though, they are still overcosted and there is no reason to take them over Grey Hunters... with what we know today.

Aside from the GH losing their CCW there's nothing new here. Some cost decreases to bring them inline with the other codices and that's about it. At this point, even Counter-attack doesn't seem to stay its ground when compared to the other Chapter Tactics. We'll have to wait some more weeks to find out! Until then, thanks for reading!


  1. I assume GH will be like BT Crusaders. Can exchange the bolter for a pistol and chainsword. I don't think you will have to pay for it, you just won't get both. (like the rest of the SM codexes).

  2. Your numbers for Grey Hunters and Blood Claws are incorrect.

    Both Squads with that loadout come to 115 in the original codex.

    I imagine we no longer have the cheaper special weapons so the plasma gun is likely 15 in the GH squad. Meaning they went UP in points, and lost the CCW. Which is just stupid.

    The I can see Blood Claws going down in price, but that doesn't make me feel much better considering they are still no where near as useful. Maybe if I can stick two flamers in a 5 man squad and deep strike it sure... but that's about it.

    1. You are right, I was counting the GH/BCs as 90 points instead of 75... I used to field 6-man squads so the 90p sprang to mind :)

      Yeah the problem with Blood Claws is that they fall somewhere between a SM scout (11p) and a GH (15p), with their WS/BS 3 but have power armour and the Rage and Counter-attack USR, so seems fair they cost around ~13p. But that would still put them below the GH in almost all possible roles.

  3. ....depressing :/
    Are there any formation rules?

    1. The formation is composed with the minis in the Stormclaw box.
      - As long as Krom is alive, they get Furious Charge.
      - If a unit in the formation shoots and hits an enemy unit, all units in the formation re-roll to hit.
      - If a unit in the formation gets to charge an enemy unit, all units in the formation can re-roll charge distance.

  4. i dont think we lost the ccw they are just showing what the unit is armed with and the last entry translates as 2 have chain swords we always had to give up the chain sword option when we upgraded to special weapons didnt we?

  5. Encombrant, I think, is French for unwieldy. As I sit here in France on holiday hoping my box set arrives okay at home before I return.


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