Monday, July 21, 2014

The new Space Wolves Flyer - hidden in plain sight?

We have known for some time that designers at GW like to come back to the existing books and material for inspiration when it comes to create new things for a given army. Just browse back your White Dwarf collection and there are plenty of references to previous artworks as inspiration for new projects. Case in point, Space Wolves. Their latest miniature, Krom Dragongaze, is inspired by a 3th Ed artwork. Before him, Arjac is very similar to the drawing in the SW codex, and the Thunderwolves kit allows you to build a very similar one to the illustration depicting its entry in 5th Ed. So now that the rumours on the Storm Fang are solid that are being stated as facts, let's have a look at the SW material and see if there is any hint as to what this Flyer might look like.

Let's remember the description given by Natfka in his blog:

"The Stormfang Gunship has the look of half of a Caestus Assault Ram, and is on the cover of next week's White Dwarf. The previous rumors really list out its abilities well. It comes with a Helfrost Destructor, two twin-linked heavy bolters, two stormstrike missiles and ceramite plating, with power of the machine spirit."

And through BOLS there is a comment from Warseer:
"I should really have said 'love-child of a Caestus Assault Ram and a Stormtalon'. That is a better description of the model's appearance."

Is there anything in the codex that could fit with this description?

This illustration comes I think from the 3rd Ed codex. There are some gunships to the right that look more like Thunderhawks in Star Trek that a Caestus Ram. Moving on.

The below are most certainly Thunderhawks so not our Flyer.

The below doesn't look to be a Thunderhawk, and it is too narrow for a StormRaven or variant.
It is like half a Caestus Ram (check) with small wings on the side (Heavy Bolters supports? check) and some engines towards the end. The cargo area also looks bigger than a Storm Raven (capacity 16? check). Is this the StormFang? we'll have to wait a few more days but I think it likely it looks very similar. What do you think?

Edited: this is how it really looks like!

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