Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why I didn't purchase Storm Claw

GW's last big seller is probably the Storm Claw box - what's not to love having a huge discount on a several kits plus a soft cover version of the rulebook? Despite how attractive this might sound, and being an avid Space Wolves collector, I finally cancelled the order I had placed in my FGLS. They didn't complain at all by the way because they knew it would be gone very fast.

The problem that I see with Storm Claw is that despite the significant price discount, I'm still a SW player and I don't need the Orks. Even when the hobbyist in me thinks it would have been fun to build the Gretchins and Nobz, it is not what I really want to do.

You see, as many people who have been in this hobby for some years, I went from having little money and a lot of time to have little time and enough money to be able to afford this box without compromising my supper. So if I want to get the Space Wolves kits and that beautiful Krom Dragongaze mini, I need to sell or trade the Orks, because I just don't have enough time to spend on them.

As most 40k guys out there, I have a pretty long list of projects both started and in my wish-list, and I know the Orks would have gone straight to the bottom of the list. First I considered buying this box and actually pre-ordered it with the intent of getting rid of the Orks, but then realized that a) I already have enough GHs and Wolf Guard and b) I don't feel like spending time trying to sell the parts that I don't want.

Think it this way - I'm getting the box for the savings and the special miniature, but in order to get those I have to spend time selling, packing and shipping what I don't need. How much do you value your time? If I need to spend a few hours in taking pictures, selling stuff on Ebay, checking the payment has been received, acquiring the packaging, packing and going to the post, I might as well pay the price difference and save myself all the hassle.

I also don't want to entice GW to keep selling limited editions in this way, because as a customer I feel forced to get stuff I don't want to get in order to get them. If it happens that you want the LE mini and the other kits, then surely it's a great deal, but I suspect this is not the primary intent of this offers. Alas no Krom Dragongaze for me unless a find a good deal in Ebay, which won't probably happen.

What do you think about StormClaw? have you purchased it?


  1. Not to mention you will be able to get the special character on Ebay anyway.

  2. It wouldn't surprise me if old Krom found himself to the recasters on Aliexpress or Yoymart

  3. Well, I think as well as you do bro.

    Really, at the end, I havent bought the box. I am finishing, very slowly 'cause work and adult-life considerations, my Harald Deathwolf's army so Krom Dragongaze, even as good as it seems, is not my priority. I have other things in mind and also with the actual situation I can not afford the box only for one mini. It's hobby, yeah but I need also to think in the amount of money...

  4. I agree with you reasonings. You could have taken the stance of adding them to a whole giant ever growing collection, but those collections see to be rare or trimmed to perfection. Often rarely giving use to them. Forseeing the Orks collecting untold amounts of dust is a good way to justify the cancellation alone like you did.

  5. Not to mention that I will have more time now to work in the new stuff that is coming. Bring on that Stormfang!


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